SeaBin Shed Donated

has very kindly donated a shed dedicated to the SeaBin!

has very kindly donated a shed for the SeaBin!

Thank you so much NorthlandWaste for your generous donation.

After 3 years of operation in the Tutukaka Marina, the SeaBin has finally got its own shed!

The SeaBin was officially ‘opened’ by Pippa Benton who was a student at Huanui College, Glenbervie, on 29 April 2019.

The Tutukaka Marina Management Trust kindly supports the operation of the SeaBin and for the 1st 3 years we operated out of their big shed. With interest growing amongst local schools the need for a separate shed became more and more important.

Located in the shade of the bush not far from B Pier where the SeaBin operates, we now have the space to accommodate the growing rubbish collection and shelter to sort when the sun’s too hot or it’s raining.

The SeaBin has survived various extreme weather events and is still collecting polystyrene foam baubles which were released from the damaged pontoons during the recent Tongan tsunami.

After the hot summer and 5 months of operation, it has been struggling to operate with the weight of marina life growing on and in it! So out it came this week and we took it apart – scraped off the marine life such as sea squirts and barnacles, water blasted inside and out, pulled out feathers and pine needles which had worked their way into the inner workings, and algae growing like a beard!

It’s now back in the marina ready to take on whatever the approaching cyclone throws up this week!

With continued thanks to the Tutukaka Marina Management Trust, NorthlandWaste, Whangarei City Rotary Club, Huanui College, and all the volunteer sorters.

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