The Ocean is Alive: Re-visioning our Relationship with the Living Ocean

Published in April 2016, Glenn’s latest book is first and foremost a celebration of the Ocean in all her living splendour and it invites the reader to step beyond the science and plunge into the depths of ‘Ocean Consciousness’.

“……. it’s clear that humanity must change its collective relationship to the Ocean. If we have a clear vision of what we want this relationship to look like, then every one of our individual actions has the potential to create a ripple that will spread and grow into the collective tsunami of change we so desperately need. In re-visioning our relationship with the Ocean we need not be confined by the limitations of our current worldview, but rather, we are free to dream a new reality, one that we can then act upon to bring into existence. 

…….. Our new relationship with the Ocean would be one of humility, in which we pay homage to her greater wisdom and understand that our true wealth lies not in her exploitation, but in her continued healthy functioning.”

Available at selected outlets and worldwide through amazon and affiliated sites – in paperback and kindle versions.  Prices are roughly equivalent to $16.00US for the print version and $5.48US for the kindle.

If you live in New Zealand or Australia you can buy the print version online at or  Alternatively you can order a signed copy direct from us: email  or

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Humpback Whales of the South West Pacific      NZ$25.00 plus p&p

Published in 2010 this beautiful book is rich with Glenn’s photos of the humpback               whales in Tongan waters – the original tropical honeymooners who have been going to these warm waters to calve and mate for millions of years.

The book provides an overview of their natural history as well as aspects of their behaviour. The final section, The Whales and Us, outlines the impacts that humans have had on them and invites us to examine our own behaviour with the intention of improving our relationship to the natural world. The book finishes with a powerful whale meditation.

Available from Ocean Spirit, please email: or


Poor Knights Wonderland – Field Guide to the Islands and Marine Reserve

NZ$19.50 plus p&p

2nd Edition published in 2010 by SeaTech Ltd / Dive New Zealand Magazine.

The abundance and diversity of underwater life around these islands so inspired Jacques Cousteau that he ranked the Poor Knights in his top 10 dive locations in the world.

This is still the definitive guide book to these islands and their marine environment.

Available from Ocean Spirit, please email: or

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