Hauora Moana

“Mena kei te hauora te moana ka pera ano te hauora o te iwi”
If the ocean is healthy so too will the people be healthy
John Park 1967 – 2018

The Hauora Moana Community Monitoring Initiative is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and staunch supporter, John Park, lover of life, land and moana. We miss your smiling face and boundless enthusiasm, but we feel your presence every time we enter the realm of Tangaroa.

Communities Caring for their Local Marine Ecosystems

The aim of our Hauora Moana programme is to foster and support a deeper and more harmonious relationship between coastal ecosystems and human communities.

As coastal communities we care deeply about the health and wellbeing of our beautiful coasts. But how many of us really know what’s going on beneath the surface of our favourite beaches, bays and harbours? Our coasts are the ultimate ocean playground: swimming, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, waka ama, all on our doorstep. Our reefs, estuaries, mangroves and sea-grass beds provide us with a huge variety of kai moana. But they can only continue to do this if we treat them with respect and take responsibility for their wellbeing.

The first step in caring for our coastal waters is to monitor and understand the actual state of these various marine ecosystems. Then we can make informed decisions about where, when and how much we can responsibly take, ensuring we pass on a healthy coast to future generations. Click Here to read more about the Hauora Moana Community Monitoring Methodology or visit our survey sites below.

Tutukaka Coast, Northland
Parangarahu/Horseshoe Bay
Waipouri Cove

Kukutauwhao/Lighthouse Bay

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