WAITANGI DAY, 6th February 2021

EcoSolutions once again gathered a team of dedicated and great fun volunteers to run their waste stations on the Waitangi Treaty Grounds for Waitangi Day 2021.

It was a perfectly beautiful day of sunshine and heat with the waters of Te Moananui a Kiwa lapping their song to the tune of a sea breeze.

The Treaty Grounds aim for a Zero Waste Event – it’s a journey in progress, but each year there’s less and less rubbish to landfill.

The majority of ‘rubbish’ collected was compostable (orange bags below), then there was the recycling (white bags) and finally ….. (next photo…)

… landfill ….

Thank you to everyone who contributed to keeping Papatuanuku clean and hence te moana free from rubbish that day!

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