SeaBin goes back to work!

Level 2 – the SeaBin has been turned back on after 8 weeks!

Like the rest of us, the SeaBin has been in ‘lockdown’. On Friday 15th we were able to start it up again. First, we brushed clean the submerged casing and then dropped in the catch-bag. The power was turned on and off she went!

Three days later we returned to empty the contents. There were a lot of micro-plastics – many in the form of foam pieces <5mm in size; several bits of soft, clear plastic wrapping/bags and the usual cigarette butts. The exciting find was a SEAHORSE! She was healthy and we were able to return her to the marina along with a large number of shrimps, a beautiful flatworm and a baby parore!

The marina water was clearer than we’ve ever seen it – a result of no boat activity. Obviously the sea creatures have been enjoying the peace of the last couple of months as much as we have!

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