Waitangi Day clean up

Wednesday 6th February is Waitangi Day here in New Zealand. I was once again fortunate enough to volunteer with Eco Solutions to help keep the Treaty Grounds rubbish free!
There was much less rubbish this year due to the support of Waipapa Landscape Supplies who will be industrially composting the majority of the compostable food and drink containers which are plant based in origin.
During my 3 hour shift on this rubbish station down by the wakas, the recycling and compost bins were emptied twice, but the rubbish bin didn’t need emptying…
As the stall holders packed up, our team walked the grounds picking up the last vestiges of plastic to leave the place looking pretty much spotless!
Congratulations once again to Anouk and her team of volunteers for making this such a clean event!… and fun! 😃

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