Ngunguru School Hauora Moana Monitoring

Ngunguru SchoolNgunguru School 1Ngunguru School 2

We are very happy to be working with Ngunguru Primary School, monitoring the health of the Ngunguru Estuary under our Hauora Moana Initiative. We started the Hauora Moana Initiative in the school earlier this year and the kids have enthusiastically embraced it

The estuary is on their doorstep…. P1030326P1030325

Using a qualitative methodology, which has evolved from Glenn’s Master’s thesis, we snorkeled with yr 6 in a small area on the north side of the estuary off the Red Rocks channel marker. Working in pairs they made their intuitive assessment and then came together in groups to reach a consensus about what the area was telling them in terms of its health.

Back in the classroom everyone came to an agreement on the area only being about 1/2 as healthy as it could be.

This programme is an on-going part of yr 6’s timetable throughout the year.

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