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The installation of a SeaBin in the Tutukaka Marina is the culmination of a two year collaboration between Ocean Spirit, Tutukaka Marina Management and Trust Board, the Interact Club at Huanui College, Glenbervie and Whangarei City Rotary Club. It represents another valuable step in the Tutukaka Coast Plastic Free Initiative.

The SeaBin has been made financially possible by the phenomenal fundraising efforts of the Interact Club students at Huanui College and by sponsorship from the Whangarei City Rotary Club.

Students Pippa Benton and Lagi Paul, 2018 Interact Club organisers, were so inspired by a presentation given to Huanui College in 2017 by Ocean Spirit, that they committed to fundraising for the Tutukaka Seabin, supported by Whangarei City Rotary Club.

Pippa chose the Seabin as her science project for the 2018 National Secondary Schools Science Fair. She regularly monitored the Tutukaka Marina Seabin’s activity, conducting a weekly survey of its contents. Pippa is passionate about the ocean and is a keen diver. This is a wonderful educational opportunity for her and for The Seabin Project, who are committed to education as the most effective long term solution to ocean pollution.

What’s a Seabin?

  • A rubbish bin that sucks in floating marine litter, micro plastics, surface oil and pollutant spills.
  • Moving up and down with the tide, it sucks in water, catches any floating rubbish in a catch bag and pumps pollution-free water back into the marina.
  • It can trap roughly 1.5kgs of floating debris per day (depending on weather and debris volumes), including micro plastics down to 2mm small.
  • Five years of research and development have gone into its design
  • It evolved from a passion for the ocean held by two avid surfers, Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski, who quit their jobs to develop it.
Pete and Glenn
Glenn gives Pete a copy of his book, The Ocean is Alive, in the Viaduct Harbour, Auckland.

Ocean Spirit is thrilled that the Tutukaka Coast is playing its part in the growing worldwide awareness of the need to change our relationship with plastic.

Launch video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjjYgSlBzLU&t=12s

Tutukaka Marina SeaBin 1

This following series of 5 videos explains how we process what’s been caught by the bin and then enter the information onto data sheets:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5 https://youtu.be/pXBNrNqxvfA

SeaBin out of the water
Mesh Bag
Mesh catch bag
Outer casing – catch bag fits inside

The Seabin has steadily removed human-generated rubbish that finds its way into the marina, which in turn means less pollution for the ocean to deal with. Data sheets are used to record the amount of rubbish collected in a variety of different categories, such as: cigarette butts; plastic food wrappers; clear plastic packaging; foam pieces; fishing gear; plastic bottles etc.

As we all know, the SeaBin is not the solution to human-generated marine debris – we are! But this sort of information shows us where the majority of the rubbish is coming from and gives us the evidence we need to make the practical changes necessary to minimise rubbish polluting the marina and ultimately the ocean.

It’s well known that every plastic item ever manufactured is still in existence – albeit in a very degraded and broken down state.

There are many un-sung heroes who walk the planet’s beaches everyday picking up rubbish. But our litter is everywhere – swept by heavy rain and picked up by strong winds it can too easily find its way into the ocean.

It requires all of us to take more responsibility for disposing of our rubbish and more importantly for reducing our pervasive use of plastic.

We are grateful o the Tutukaka Marina Trust Board, Whangarei City Rotary Club, Huanui College and Mitre 10 for their contributions towards the SeaBin.

If you happen to be on the Tutukaka Coast, please visit the SeaBin on B pier in Tutukaka Marina, Northland and watch it in operation.


Matapouri Gala Day 2nd January 2020

Matapouri Gala Day - small

The Trust was fortunate to have a stall at the Matapouri Gala day on 2 Jan. We met some lovely people who care about the health of the Ocean. It was particularly inspiring to meet enthusiastic youngsters who are translating their passionate caring into action.

We had the rubbish collected by the Tutukaka Marina SeaBin on display – all sorted into separate containers. It’s not the solution, but it still helps to make a difference.
Any rubbish on land or in the Ocean is only a reflection of our carelessness and disrespect for our incredibly beautiful life support system – Mother Ocean Earth.


72 hrs of SeaBin Rubbish Collection 13 January 2020

IMG_5298 - Copy


Some of the Rubbish collected by the SeaBin from

17 – 24th January

24 jan collection 3 - Copy
24 Jan collection - Copy
24 jan 2 - Copy

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