Ngunguru School and ‘their’ Reef

We are now into our 4th year with Yr 6 at Ngunguru School monitoring the health of the Red Rocks Reef in the Ngunguru Estuary using our Hauora Moana monitoring programme. Thank you for such a great opportunity to work with these kids and their inspiring teachers!

Unfortunately the health of the reef leaves alot to be desired. We work with the kids to show them how it’s our behaviour that is the problem. Papatuanuku has been sustaining Life for 4.6 billion years – she knows what to do – we just need to remember that we’re a part of the wonderful web of life, not apart from it, and as such must act with responsibility and respect for all beings we share this home with.

Te Tai Tokerau Climate Change Action Week & Conference

We’re very excited to announce that Glenn is presenting at a local conference for action around climate change.

As part of The Tai Tokerau Climate Change Project, the conference brings together individuals who are working in support of Papatuanuku’s ability to regulate her climate, and to mitigate human activities that directly contribute to climate chaos.

The Climate Change Project was initiated by staff from Amokura Iwi Consortium, the Northland District Health Board, Northland Regional Council and NorthTec.

“The Ocean is Alive” 2 interviews …

1 Sentientist Conversations with Jamie Woodhouse :

2 Accidental Gods podcast with Manda Scott :

The Ocean is Alive: Ocean-shaman Glenn Edney speaks of the living waters of the Earth

What if the Ocean were a living thing, in the way that the earth breathes as Gaia? The Maori say that if the Ocean is healthy, so, too, will the people be healthy. And we are not healthy – nor is the Ocean. But we are intimately linked and Glenn Edney explains how – and what – we can do to heal ourselves and the waters of the Earth.”

WAITANGI DAY, 6th February 2021

EcoSolutions once again gathered a team of dedicated and great fun volunteers to run their waste stations on the Waitangi Treaty Grounds for Waitangi Day 2021.

It was a perfectly beautiful day of sunshine and heat with the waters of Te Moananui a Kiwa lapping their song to the tune of a sea breeze.

The Treaty Grounds aim for a Zero Waste Event – it’s a journey in progress, but each year there’s less and less rubbish to landfill.

The majority of ‘rubbish’ collected was compostable (orange bags below), then there was the recycling (white bags) and finally ….. (next photo…)

… landfill ….

Thank you to everyone who contributed to keeping Papatuanuku clean and hence te moana free from rubbish that day!

Ngunguru Gala Day – 27 December 2020

Ngunguru Gala kindly offered us a free stall at their annual gala, so we were able to display the rubbish collections from the SeaBin.

There was a reasonable amount of interest and we even sold 2 books!

Our SeaBin sorting team for 2020 has been awesome! The Interact Club at Huanui College, Glenbervie, is our source of volunteer sorters, and each year it changes. Starting in 2019, Pippa Benton led the 1st team and handed on to Alyssa Jolsen for 2020. We’re looking forward to 2021 and will update you with the team once school starts again!

We are Water – Beyond Water as a Resource

Finally our “We are Water” talk is happening!

In association with Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai and the Whangarei Library.

Join us on a water journey that spans the Universe and enfolds the entire evolutionary story of our Living Earth!

Glenn discusses the fundamental role water plays in our lives, indeed in our very existence.

Although the talk is free, bookings are essential so the Library can manage numbers. Please email to secure your place.

“We are Water We are One”

Glenn is on the Regenerative Cultures panel at this online event – check it out!

 We Are Water We Are One

Saturday 25th and Sunday 25th July.
A really interesting organisation whose values and philosophies align with Ocean Spirit’s.
The event was : “Born as a call for unity to bring you messages of the Water and its lessons from indigenous leaders, representatives of the scientific community, musicians, artists, and YOU, our global family!”

Ecological concerns over North Port expansion in Whangarei Harbour

Here is an article from NewsRoom reporter, Farah Hancock, about the proposed move of Ports of Auckland to Whangarei.

Glenn was interviewed along with Orca researcher, Ingrid Visser and Rochelle Constantine from Auckland University. Conservation advocates worry rerouting some of Ports of Auckland ships to Whangārei’s Northport might come at a cost to the harbour’s ecosystem.