Waitangi Day clean up

Wednesday 6th February is Waitangi Day here in New Zealand. I was once again fortunate enough to volunteer with Eco Solutions┬áto help keep the Treaty Grounds rubbish free! There was much less rubbish this year due to the support of Waipapa Landscape Supplies who will be industrially composting the majority of the compostable food andContinue reading “Waitangi Day clean up”

Birth of an exquisite beauty.

Watch a monarch butterfly emerging from her chrysalis – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nfyq4EGbtzk&t=5s This exquisite monarch butterfly transformed herself from a caterpillar in just 2 weeks!! Silently she slid from her chrysalis, wings crumpled and folded. Her fat abdomen pumped fluid into her wings which imperceptibly unfolded and expanded. Feeling her way into the world as a transformedContinue reading “Birth of an exquisite beauty.”

Garden Jewellery – hanging by a gossamer thread.

The wisdom of Gaia emerges from billions of years of Life – we are a part of this Life, but our behaviour does not appear to reflect this reality! This post is one example of the beauty and complexity and that we are surrounded by and I feel it is a salient reminder to usContinue reading “Garden Jewellery – hanging by a gossamer thread.”

The Natural Phenomena Conference 2018

The Natural Phenomena Conference 2018 ~ a nature education conference in the outdoors ~ Glenn and Janey are just back from presenting a workshop at this conference. It’s a fabulous venue just inland from the Tutukaka Coast, entirely outdoors and under canvas. Our workshop was about water – Water is Life and Life is Water.Continue reading “The Natural Phenomena Conference 2018”