janey and glenn 1 - high res cropped
Glenn (Edney) and Janey (Pares Edney) near their home on the NE coast of New Zealand

We founded Ocean Spirit in 2015 with the aim of fostering in humanity a deeper and more harmonious relationship with the living Ocean. Our focus is to highlight the beauty and magic of the living Ocean with the hope of encouraging people to positive action.

We are convinced that for greater harmony between all life on Earth to become a reality, there is an urgent need to move away from the current anthropocentric perspective to an eco-centric view point, in which all life has intrinsic value beyond what it offers humankind.

We envision the Ocean Spirit journey to be co-creative and emergent as we explore fascinating and mind-expanding ideas such as Ocean Consciousness. We intend that this shared journey will evoke a sense of wonder, awe and connection with the living Ocean and of all life on this magical planet.

We hope to ignite in you a deep desire to plunge below the superficial, to dance on that exciting edge where we open ourselves to new possibilities, ways of seeing and being.

For the Ocean

Janey and Glenn


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  1. kia ora glenn. after all i see what your work is about….didnt know a thing when i went to poor knights first time that we have ocean spirit founder in our community and on the boat. and keep on connecting with spirits via music:))) just awesome right out there on the water. its incredible what it can bring about. so kia kaha and kia kaha, from kowhai @ http://www.freewebs.com/ecoart and http://www.ecoart.co.nz situated at the earthhouse bird sanctuary….well just co creating this myself. thank you for being


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